Action A.1 | National Scientific Panel for Drafting the National Action Plan for the Conservation of the Lesser Kestrel in Italy to be submitted to Ministry of Environment through the ISPRA

The operators working in the project constitute a working team committed in the research and study of the target priority species, namely the Falco Naumanni and in the management of the nursery/recovery centre.

This centre intends to become a referring point for the scientific community at local and regional level, working in strict cooperation with the Bitetto Regional Wildlife Observatory. At this purpose the centre will count on the availability of a recently established scientific group constituted by Italian scholars. This group is called Gru.Gri. – Gruppo Grillaio Italia (Falco Grillaio is called the Falco Naumanni indeed in Italy, considering that one of its preferred preys are the crickets, “grilli” in Italian) and includes representatives of the LIPU BirdLIfe Italia, the University of Palermo, the Alta Murgia National Park and the ISPRA (Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale – High Institute for the Protection and the Environmental Research).

Together with the members of the Gru.Gri. will be involved experts from the main nesting/breeding Italian areas where the Falco Naumanni is present (Basilicata, Gargano – Puglia, Sardinia) or where some specimens were observed for the first time in the last years (Emilia-Romagna).

This group will be purposely aimed at studying and monitoring the priority species in order to provide input and guidelines for the drafting of a National Action Plan to be submitted to the Italian Ministry of the Environment towards the end of the project and mainstreamed during the project duration for approval. The presence of the ISPRA in the scientific working group will considerably speed-up this process.
During the project the Italian group will meet periodically (each 6 months) and occasionally for specific purposes, while foreign guests will be invited to meeting starting from the 2nd year of the project.

Finally the Gru.Gri. will deal with the species’ sensitive matters related to the migration monitoring and to its global and local status of conservation. This work will be performed for benefiting not just the National strategy for the protection of the Falco Naumanni, but also the global strategy. At this last purpose, the Gru.Gri. will activate the above mentioned relationships in order to start-up consultations for setting-up management and conservation practices to be globally and practically adopted.


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