Action A.2 |Drafting of a building code for proper implementation of the Regional Regulation 24/2005.

The approval of a building regulation at municipal level aims at a more attentive monitoring of the respect of the regional regulation on building. This regional regulation (n. 24/2005) establishes “Conservation measures related to priority wild birds’ species of Community Importance nesting in constructed centres located in SICs or SPAs”.

This regulation specifically requires that “all ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, consolidation, reorganization and restructuring hygienic works, must be made preserving the typical features of the shelters and restoring materials, colours and construction technologies of the local historical tradition”; “all steps for lofts, cavities or niches relevant to the reproduction of the lesser kestrel (Falco Naumanni) must be preserved or, alternatively, must be placed artificial nests in a reasonable number indicated by a special study included in the application of building work (TU Construction DPR 380/2001).

This regulation applies to the construction of new buildings too. Moreover the same regulation prohibits to cut down trees utilised as roosting sites or to modify the existing green areas and the installation of high power lighting plants and sound sources which can perturb the fauna in the natural vegetation areas such as ravines and steppes adjacent to the city centre.

Considering that within the very regulation the role of monitoring the enforcement of the prescriptions contained in it and of reporting to the Region on a monthly basis is assigned to the municipalities, the present proposal aims at enhancing the binding power of the regulation at local level. At this purpose, the building regulation should contain more specific guidelines allowing the building technicians to effectively foresee the conservation measures for the Falco Naumanni at the planning stage of the intervention.

In cases of greater complexity (large architectural complexes, churches, etc.) it should be foreseen the advice activity of an ornithologist with specific competences. The drafting and implementation of the building regulation will take into account the results obtained with the actions carried out in the present proposal, namely C1, C2 and C4. This draft will be arranged with the support of the regional service in charge of the environmental monitoring and submitted for assessment and approval to the competent municipal offices.


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