Action D.3 | Monitoring of the activities carried out by the Nursery in the project period

The data related to the findings of wildlife fauna delivered to municipal officers, police or directly to the Nursery are collected in a specific card-file indicating:
– date of the finding (dd/mm/year)
– the place of delivery
– number of specimens
– species
– the person who take in charge the specimen
– place and time of the delivery
– place and time of the finding
– the person who found the specimen
– living place of the person who found and delivers the specimen

The municipal officers who take in charge the found specimen deliver the specimen to the LIPU responsible on the territory who deliver the animal to the Nursery (actually he/she has to take it 60 km from the City of Gravina in Puglia in the Regional Observatory for the Wildlife in Bitetto).

The delivery card-file to the Nursery in Gravina in Puglia will contain the following information:

– date of delivery to the Nursery
– delivering person
– person in the Nursery who take in charge the specimen
– description of the general health conditions of the animal
– kind of intervention carried out at the moment of the delivery
– kind of intervention to carry out on the following days
– number of recovery days
– date and modality of release

The animals admitted to the Nursery will be firstly visited by a veterinary at their admission into the structure and afterward ringed and assisted by an ornithologist, according to the veterinary prescription. Any worsening or improvement of the animal’s conditions will be noted down in the card-file as well as the general course of the stay in the Nursery.

All the data related to the recovered animals will be collected in a database which will constitute a source of information on the health of the lesser kestrel colony as well as of the best modalities of interventions related to their conditions (menaces, threats, etc.) present on the territory.



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