Action E.3 | Awareness raising actions towards the schools and the general public (Nursery and Aviaries in the Convent of San Sebastiano in Gravina)

The individuated facilities of the San Sebastiano Convent which will be involved by project activities include a 100 sites conference room. It will be equipped with an exhibition hall with dioramas and didactic panels for dissemination and educational activities towards the primary and secondary schools. The same room will be also used as meeting room for the project.
Once the recovered chicks or adults will be rehabilitated, they will be transferred into the 4 aviaries placed in the San Sebastiano Closter where they will learn or are trained to fly again. These aviaries 3mx12 m will play a particular role in the education of the children which will learn to recognize this priority species acting accordingly. For the aviaries management will be also located in the Closter a little service room with water, fridges and cold stores. The Closter can be reached from the historical centre with a little walk of 500 meters.
In the first 12-18 months of the project, while the individuated facilities and the project infrastructure works (E4) are in progress, it will be launched an educational campaign for the municipal schools located in the project area. This campaign will consist of public meetings to be held in the same schools or in public places where the project and the Falco Naumanni will be presented. These meetings will be also a great opportunity to invite experts from the territory to present the EU environmental policies and the conservation strategy for the project target species.
Once the restructuring works will be completed, starting from the second year of the project, the educational activities will be managed in order to allow the classes to visit the Nursery, aviaries and the Bird Watching Path (see the following action E4). These visits will be organised by the two interested municipalities with the collaboration of the LIPU experts in charged of following the project direct conservation actions.
Starting from the second year – and continuously in the third and fourth – the educational and awareness raising actions towards the schools will be implemented on a biannual basis (4 classes each six months).
At the same time child-friendly brochure will be developed and distributed into all the schools of the territory. The general population will be directly targeted during the project kick-off and intermediate meetings. These initiatives foresee open sessions with the direct participation of the population, while successively will be possible to visit the Nursery and aviaries on request with a minimum group of 20 persons.


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