Action E.5 | Notice Boards

Notice boards will be utilised for marking physical places involved in the project activities with a particular relevance for the medium and long-term visibility of the action, describing the project at the locations where it is implemented showing the writing “With the contribution of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Union”.

Particularly the conservation actions (C1, C2, C3 and C4) and action E4 – Bird Watching Path will be interested by the placement of notice boards at strategic places accessible and visible to the public.

The LIFE+ and Natura 2000 Network logo shall appear on them at all times, explaining the project’s importance in terms of establishing the Natura 2000 network together with the feature of the project’s action interesting the specific marked place and its meaning for the conservation of the target priority species (Falco Naumanni).

The notice board is cm70x100, fixed at the ground thanks to two poles and made of treated weather-resistant wood.

For Action C1 and 2 the notice boards will be four (4) – 2 for public buildings (1 in Gravina and 1 Altamura) and 2 for private buildings (1 in Gravina and 1 Altamura). They will be placed at strategic places in the city centre or wall mounted on symbolic public and private buildings interested by installation of artificial nests or creation of breeding niches.

1 notice board will be placed at the entrance of the San Sebastiano Convent informing about the internal presence of the Nursery (C3) and the rescuing and first aid activities carried out in it.

1 notice board will be mark the area of the aviaries informing about their utilisation and the Falco Naumanni behaviours.

Notice boards are particularly relevant for Action C4 dealing with the management of the roosting sites. Once individuated and mapped, the roosting sites (about 15 in the project area: 9 in the Municipality of Altamura, 6 in Gravina in Puglia, interesting 15-20 and 20-22 trees respectively) will be marked with notice explaining the legally protected status of these places and their environmental meaning. Specifically in this case, the notice boards will be designed to be child-friend communicating in simple and clear words the value of biodiversity in itself. The notice boards will interest the 15 sites strategically placed for marking the protected area.

Finally, 2 notice boards will open and close the Bird Watching Path, informing about the contribution of LIFE financial instrument of the European Union, showing the LIFE+ and Natura 2000 Network logo and the project’s importance in terms of establishing the Natura 2000 network.


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