Action E.8 | General dissemination of results

ll the awareness raising and dissemination material wil report the phrase “With the contribution of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Union” and the LIFE+ Programme and Natura 2000 Network logo, explaining the project’s importance in terms of establishing the Natura 2000 network .

The dissemination activities will be targeted at a wide and various range of stakeholders. The main target can be listed as follows:
– EU Decision makers of national, regional and local public bodies ruling areas where the Falco Naumanni nests;
– Italian and European environmental NGOs and associations;
– Ornithologists;
– Youth;
– Citizenship as a whole.

The involvement of these audiences will amplify the mainstreaming effect of the project’s results, producing multiplier effects in terms of visibility and possible replication of the present initiative’s approach at European and National level. The strong presence of the targeted priority species in the project area will guarantee for a worldwide and channelled dissemination to areas where these kind of direct conservation actions could be easily replicated. The dissemination activities will start-up together with the project, following all its implementation phases and marking its main achievements at all the foreseen stages spreading them to the target groups. They are here below listed.

– 3 Falco Naumanni Open Days will be organised in conjunction with the main Steering Committee meetings, namely the Kick-off, Intermediate and Final Seminars taking place at the beginning, mid-term and final phase of the project. During these meetings an open session will be dedicated to the general public which will have the opportunity of understanding more about the present initiative from the very project partners. In these occasions, EC representatives, relevant international stakeholders and environmental experts will be invited as participants as well. The kick-off meeting for presenting the project will be organised at the Municipality of Gravina in Puglia. The intermediate seminar will be organised in and by the Municipality of Altamura targeting the international scientific community. The Final Conference will be organised for an international audience in Brussels where Spanish, Greeks, Turkish and other European academics could present the results of the working group (see action A1).

– 3 Press Conferences. The Kick-off, Intermediate and Final seminars will constitute an occasion to present the project on the Falco Naumanni to media operators (TV, press, radio and ICT technologies operators) inviting sector and general journalists and reserving a specific session to their attention. They will be particularly considered for their strategic role in shaping the public opinion on environmental sensitive matters.

– During these events project brochures and light communication material explaining project background, activities and objectives will be distributed to the participants (each partner will have at its disposal about 1.000 among brochure and leaflets – light communication material, and about 150 each posters which will be displayed in strategic places on the occasion of particularly relevant communication events such as the very kick-off, intermediate and final meetings). These easy communication tools will be also uploaded in electronic version on the Falco Naumanni project website being at disposal of the users which would like to print and share them.

– Targeted mailing list. The project partners’ network of institutional, academic and territorial relations will serve for the creation of a joint project mailing list, to be used for punctual sending of specific output (official technical reports and project status of implementation and achievements, scientific articles), as well. Stakeholder categories at EU level will be reached as well on the basis of a specific research which will be carried out at level of the scientific committee (Action A1).

– 1 video documentary on the Falco Naumanni in the project area will be realised for the maximum spreading and visibility of the intervention carried out, especially concerning a) the best practices experienced and b) the scientific achievements of the Scientific Committee on the basis of the data collected by the Argos sensors.

– 1 project final publication of about 120 pages presenting the project as a whole and its main technical and environmental achievements will be produced in 1000 copies (500 in Italian, 500 in English). The publication will be distributed in a targeted way to specific national and international stakeholders.


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