Action F.1 | Overall Project Management

The project management body, namely the Project Management Committee (PMC), is the leading, coordinating and decision making structure of the present initiative. It is led by the Coordinating Beneficiary’s project manager.
In case of disputes, the project director represents the last decision making instance for addressing technical or strategic difficulties or constraints. With regard to the other members of the Steering Committee, they are the coordinators of each activity according to the competences-based sharing of responsibilities as it is explicated in the description of the activities. The management structure as well as the responsibilities and duties of the partners will be laid down in a detailed Partnership Agreement.
The project management activities as PMC and specifically the activities of the project manager within the competences of the Coordinating Beneficiary are aimed at the following objectives:
– To chair the PMC and to prepare the PMC meetings communicating on time to the partners representatives the agenda of the day being ready to receive from them remarks and proposals.
– To assure the good and timely implementation of the foreseen activities from the quantity and quality point of view;
– To assure the strategic planning of the initiative at all level as well as the capacity to take decisions to keep the project on track if constraints or difficulties occur;
– To report to the EC as prescribed in the Grant Agreement and its annexes or requested by the very Commission and be responsible before it with regard to the ordinary release of technical and financial reports and request of payments. Reporting will include the preparation of the Inception report, the progress reports, the mid-term and final reports with payment requests.
– To monitor the physical and financial status of implementation of the project communicating eventual delays and problems to be addressed to the PMC;
– To hold the technical secretariat of the PMC drafting its minutes and submitting them to the partners for their approval and/or proposal of amendment before official delivery;
– To timely collect statements and reports, including financial audit certificates, from the Partner for transmission to the Commission;
– ensure prompt delivery of all deliverables, including reports, as identified in the Grant Agreement and its annexes or requested by the Commission for reviews and audits, including the results of the financial audits prepared by independent auditors.

The Financial and administrative responsible of the Coordinating Beneficiary will address the financial and administrative matters concerning the eligibility of the expenses and the way to manage them and to present the financial and administrative reports. Particularly the CB’s administrative responsible will follow not just the financial and administrative reporting of the CB but also the other partners, preliminarily verifying on demand the eligibility of the expenses and being available for consultation by the other partners’ administrative responsible on these matters.

Project management by the Municipality of Altamura.
It will act in strict coordination with the Municipality of Gravina in Puglia. Considering the implementation of twin activities in the two municipalities (apart from the infrastructure works that will specifically interest the Municipality of Gravina in Puglia), the methodology to be followed will be the same as well as the implementation time. The Municipality of Altamura will have a local coordinator which will be strictly linked to the project manager of Gravina. Considering the relatively restricted project area a good coordination will be easily reached starting from the drafting of a good Action Plan for the first year of the project to be updated within the first 9 months of the project and reviewed consequently before the end of each reporting period.

Project management by the Apulia Region
The Apulia Region will operate in the project through an officer acting as administrative and technical monitor of the project activities as a whole. Having a considerable experience in the LIFE project management and as a body with legislative competence in the environmental field, the Apulia Region will constitute a constant reference for the Coordinating beneficiary in terms of suggestions and strategic or technical remarks. The role of the regional monitoring will be played in favour of an effective and efficient implementation of the project activities and of the achievements of the project objective.

Along with the PMC aimed at the strategic overall management of the activities, the Scientific Committee (SC) foreseen in action A1 is a special project body aimed at collecting and valorise the lesson learned from the tested best practices in order to provide input to the national and international scientific community and to the institutional bodies interested in the conservation of the species targeted by the project (the Falco Naumanni). The core group of this SC will be constituted by the Italian experts coming from territories featured by a strong presence of the Falco Naumanni, namely Sicily, Sardinia, Basilicata, Apulia – Gargano and Emilia-Romagna. It will have a leading role in the scientific monitoring of the actions and in establishing best practices to be worldwide exported. From the 24th month of the project, the SC will be open to international participation. At this purpose a suitable budget is foreseen in the project for travel and hospitality of international specialists in the species.

Problems or constraints of technical or other nature arising from the analysis conducted by the SC will be submitted to the project manager which will open a consultation among the several parties involved in the project for eventual re-orientation of the actions. For its institutional role, the region will be consulted and its opinion taken into the strongest consideration in cases of severe delays or other arising constraints.


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