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Save you the lesser kestrel

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If you find a hawk injured or fallen from the nest to the streets

Help him

Hand it over to the local police in your town or take it at the center of recovery of prey in the region Puglia.

Will be entrusted to specialized personnel and released as soon as possible.

Do not try to keep it at home, it needs special care.

For more information:

Lipu section of Gravina: 347.7578517

Altamura: 349.7907374


Alta Murgia National Park:

Tel 080.3262268

Raptor recovery center Puglia Region Bitetto (BA)

Tel: 080.9920283

Some rules to protect the lesser kestrel

1) Recover nidacei (chicks, chicks) that fall from nests, transported in cardboard boxes with ventilation holes and contact numbers of indicated.

2) Restructure the historic buildings leaving cavities suitable for nesting of the Lesser Kestrel, as provided for by Regulation No. 24/2005 issued by the Region of Puglia.

3) Avoid closing holes and cavities outdoor murals. If you want to avoid the nesting of birds we recommend the use of a loose network (about 6 x6 cm) allowing entry only to the lesser kestrel.

4) Do not cut down trees dorm

5) Install artificial nests on the roofs of their homes

6) does not disturb the lesser kestrel during nesting, they destroy their nests

7) Report detention cases of lesser kestrel tested by citizens.


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